Content Popup

Content popup module, can pupup any modules and articles. This popup module uses fancybox so module has fancy box effects, they could be applied according to your choice. content popup module has a customisable button which could be display anywhere of webpage like on module positions or any corner of screen etc. multiple instances of module could be created for multiple popups on same page.

Multiple modules or multiple articles could be display on a single popup.
The Popup could be open on window load - As website or a webpage loads on browser this popup could be open before any activity.

Content pupup demo 3 on window load- click here

This module is Under budget very customisable, easy configurable.
Module pupup uses fancy box.
Html content, video, youtube video, facebook like box, facebook feeds, twitter feeds, contact us form, any article etc. could be popup through modules or articles.
single popup can display single module or article, multiple modules or articles.

Browser Support : [ IE8 and Above, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Firefox MAC, Safari MAC, Chrome etc.].