All Demo are running under Joomla version 3.8.X

Full screen or fixed image slider

Full Screen Slider Joomla image slider module, slides unlimited Images, Content over each Image, Render any Joomla module over each Image by module Id. Image Slice on slide transition and more amazing functionality for Joomla Lovers. This is a Unique Joomla image slider or image slideshow or Image content slider.

full screen or fixed width Joomla image slider provides a great functionality under budget.

Very Easy to use and configure.

Data Orientation will be either "Vertical" or "Horizontal".


Installation of the Module is child Play First Buy this module, You’ll get a zip package named “unzip_first_fullscreenslider”. So like it’s name you have to unzip it first, pick appropriate zip and install it then go to the module manager find Full screen slider.

Fullscreen slider is a unique joomla Image slider module because you can render a module over an Image continuously, you can make awesome image slider, full screen image slider module can be used on full screen or fixed width.  you can slide Videos as well Images, content etc..

Many configuration options like:

*Autoplay Animation option

*Animation Speed

*Animation Interval




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"Aha! I can display here any joomla module, any joomla custom module as well Text. This is Great! and Uniqu"e

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Ah! I can display My videos as well images,text etc. Amazing


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