Right Panel Slider

This Awesome Module display's multiple module (by module ids) on it's panel. On click at Button The Panel will Horizontally slide and displays modules (by module ids) on it's panel. On Re-click on button Panel will slides down.


TO see the Demo Just click on "Button" which is at Right.


Installation of the Module is child Play First Buy this module, You’ll get a zip package named “unzip_first_right_panel_slider”. So like it’s name you have to unzip it first, Inside this package there are 3-folders one for joomla1.5 and 2nd for joomla 1.6 and 3rd for joomla 1.7. Take a zip what you want and just install it then go to the module manager fined Top panel slider module.

Module Configuration:

Open Top panel slider module from backend there many options:

  • Module Ids: Put Module Ids (of those Modules whom do you want to display on its Panel ). If you want to display multiple modules put module ids but should be comma separated like demo Image
  • Load jQuery: This field has selection. Do you want to load jQuery library (if jQuery library has been loaded already then select "NO" else "Yes").
  • Panel Button Label: Put here Button Title(label) when Panel is open .
  • Panel Width: Set here Top Panel Width here.
  • Panel Width: Set here Top Panel Width here.
  • Panel Background Color: set here Background Color of Panel.
  • Panel Button Background Color: Set here panel Button Background Color
  • Panel Button Hover Background Color. Set here Background Color of Panel Button On Mouse over.
  • Panel Button Border Color: Set Border Color of Panel Button.
  • Panel Border Color: Set Border Color Of Panel.
  • Panel Button Distance from Top: Set Panel Button Distance on px From Top.
  • Panel Distance from Top: Set Panel Distance from Top.

Note- You can display any module(multiple modules) on it's panel not only login module.

Note- You Can create multiple instances on the same page like the Demo

Module Back-end Parameters-

Browser Support:


Right Panel Slider